Cycling tours from Izola


Sunny spring and autumn days are perfect for cycling trips and discoveries to seaside towns. Let convince you and complete cycling tours from Izola or other cycling routes on the Slovenian coast.

Izola was founded in the 6th century on the island. The rich and varied architectural heritage, the mysterious streets of the old town and the mighty stone portals testify to the turbulent history of the city. Today, the city is primarily a tourist center. In the past, fishing and wine and oil production have been at the forefront, making it so very different from neighboring seaside towns.

If you interested for the culinary of Izola, you can go to the best restaurants with local delicacies and enjoy the charms of the ancient fishing town. You can cycle around the old town, the surrounding villages, and among the vineyards and olive groves. We recommend a visit to the nearby Pot zdravja – “Path of Health”, which leads through short illuminated and arranged tunnels, through the valleys and hills of Koper or Portoroz.

Kolesarski izleti iz Izole - panorama mesta

History of the city

Izola owes its name to the island on which it originated, and its identity to the people. That is why you will never forget Izola.

Kolesarski izleti iz Izole - Parking


There are several well-kept car parks in the city, where your vehicle will be waiting for you, while you will enjoy cycling adventures without any worries.

Kolesarski izleti iz Izole - Mandrač

What to experience

Get to know the pulse of the city, cultural and celebrations, fishing habits to the sea view and walks to the nearby beaches.

Kolesarski servisi v Izoli

Bicycle rental and services

Before cycling tours get the right equipment with the help of your bicycle service. There are two cycling services for your bike in Izola.


For all recreational cyclists, there are suitable routes in the flat areas along the coastal strip from Izola to Portorož and Piran. For the more experienced, hilly trails in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria to Korte and Malija. Go on a cycling trip without thinking. We take care of all the necessary instructions and information.

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