Cycling tours from Koper


Sunny spring and autumn days, when the rest of Slovenia is shrouded in cold, clouds or fog, attract crowds to discover. Cycling tours from Koper are right for you. The city is rich in natural, cultural and historical heritage. You will be inspired by the historical sights and natural features of the city and its surroundings.

Today, the city of Koper is modern, in step with the times. One side of Koper is adorned with high terminals in the Port of Koper, which is an important European port, and on the other side a set of different shopping centers, such as Planet Koper and Supernova. In summer, we warmly recommend jumping into the water from the town beach or nearby Žusterna after a cycling trip.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling tours from Koper -

History of the city

The Venetian period of more than half a millennium has left an incredibly rich cultural heritage in the city. Koper is a city of sun, sea and history.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling tours from Koper -


There are several well-kept car parks in the city, where your vehicle will be waiting for you, while you will enjoy cycling adventures without any worries.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling tours from Koper -

What to experience

Get to know the city more closely with a modern park by the sea, the largest recreational areas, natural cultural and historical heritage.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling tours from Koper -

Bicycle rental and services

Before cycling tours get the right equipment with the help of your bicycle service. There are a number of different services, shops, bike rentals in Koper.


For all recreational cyclists, there are suitable routes in the flat areas along the coastal strip from Koper to Portorož. For the more experienced, hilly trails in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria. Go on a cycling trip without thinking. We take care of all the necessary instructions and information.

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