The most beautiful cycling routes in Slovenian Istria


In order to facilitate the search and trip preparation on the cycling routes of Slovenian Istria, we have therefore prepared several cycling routes from Koper, Izola and Portorož.

We have marked the routes. You can start a trip according your physical fitness and what you want to experience on the way.

Easy routes for amateur cyclist

Suitable for everyone, they are in the flat areas along the coastal strip from Koper to Portorož. Let us mention the Pot zdravja – “Path of Health” (along the path of the old Parenzana railway), which is just right for short and undemanding cycling trips. It runs entirely on asphalt and is largely away from traffic.

Difficult routes for prepared cyclists

For those cycling enthusiasts who are primarily interested in the challenge. We advise them to climb Pomjan or longer cycling routes, where you will be able to see several natural and local attractions offered by Slovenian Istria.

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