Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Istrian villages-Padna - Difficult cycling routes

Cycling route Portoroz – Istrian villages – Padna

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42.4 km


3:44 h


790 m



The cycling route Portoroz-Istrian Villages-Padna is a testimony to a challenging cycling journey through the ups and downs of the Istrian hinterland villages of Sečovlje, Parecag, Korte, Šared, Šmarje, Gažon and Padna. The route winds mostly along local roads. The trip is suitable for well-prepared cyclists due to the high altitude difference and the length of the route. You can go by mountain-bike, trekking or road bike.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Istrian villages-Padna - Difficult cycling routes

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The start of the Portoroz - Istrian Villages to Padna cycle tour is from the Marina Portoroz car park or one of the car parks. From the Marina car park, turn right along the main road towards Camping Lucija, where you can ride in peace, as bicycles are allowed. You will pass through the campsite for 2 km until you reach the exit.

You will take the cycle road, past the local beach and recreation areas to the parking area of the Ribič Inn. Here you can enjoy views of the sea, Portoroz, Piran and neighbouring Croatia.

From here, drive on past the entrance to the Fonda fish farm and "Škver" a shipyard where wooden boats are made. Drive along the 4 km long road along the St. Bartholomew Channell, which is characterised by the wooden piers where the vessels are moored.

You will arrive after a 10-minute drive at the former Droga Portorož industrial complex (they produced coffe, tea and spices) on your right. At the crossroads turn right towards the salt pans. Before the entrance to the salt pans, turn onto the cycle road along the salt pans, which will take you to Sečovlje. The road was part of the Parenzana narrow-gauge railway connecting Trieste and Poreč in Croatia.

You will arrive in Sečovlje to a large gravel parking area. The ruins on your right are the remains of a former lignite mine. Drive straight on until you see a bicycle crossing on your left under a bridge.

Continue your trip on the flat hill between the houses. After 500 m of uphill, you will reach the flat part, where new buildings will dominate the path. Keep driving until you see a primary school. In front of it, follow the road down to the left towards Parecag. Drive on the straight until you reach a crossroads in a cluster of houses. You turn left and immediately left again uphill to the chapel. From here, drive uphill towards the village of Korte. There is a steady climb of 4 km. Drive straight until you reach the crossroads in Korte by the Torkla Restaurant.

You have reached a crossroads, where you continue to the left. Drive straight ahead on the flat road until you reach the hamlet of Morgani, where the road climbs slightly. Here, in good weather, you will see the beautiful Sečoveljske soline salt pans and the sea to Croatia. Then descend to the turnoff for Nožed. You continue your journey uphill towards Cetore. At the top of the climb by the bus stop, continue downhill slightly towards Šared and follow the winding road for 3km until the turn-off for Baredi on the right by the bus stop.

Then a 3 km climb towards Baredi. On your right, you'll be encouraged to keep your eyes on the beautiful view of Izola, the sea, Italy and the Alps

You will reach a flat area where you will be able to get air. From Baredy, there is a gentle climb to vineyards with a beautiful view. Following a narrow winding road between olive groves, you will reach a football pitch and a descent that will lead you to the village of Gažon.

Go straight ahead along the road past the cemetery and then down to the roundabout where you cross the main road. Drive straight ahead past the Trije Lovci Inn up the hill towards the centre of Šmarje village. Follow the flat road until you reach the climb again a few 200m further on from the football field.

You will then climb past the chapel to the centre of the village, where you will see the cooperative house. From here, follow the path straight ahead to the crossroads, where you turn right towards Puče. You will follow 5 km of flat terrain, where you will enjoy the drive under the trees. At the Puče crossroads near the Par Malna inn, you will turn right up a slight hill and follow the road to a fork on the right towards Padna.

Keep on the road until you reach the renovated old school and the tourist information center (renovated, old istrian house) on the right in an old Istrian stone house. From here you will continue to the left down a steep slope by the olive groves to the main road, where you will turn right and continue the trip along the main road to the turn-off for Korte.

After 500 m you will turn left at a fork and climb up a serpentine hill towards the village of Korte. You will arrive in an area of houses, where you will follow the sign for Izola. You will then cross the crossroads by the Torkla restaurant and climb slightly and then descend along the road you have already climbed today to Parecago

From here, go left downhill towards Seča. At the crossroads by the pink house, turn right on the road and after 100 m turn right again.

ou will find yourself on a local road under the main road. Turn right here and again at the junction with the sawn cypress tree turn left along the fields to the main road, where you will turn left and at the junction turn left to the roundabout towards Lucija and the car park.

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