Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Koper-Izola-Gazon-Pomjan-Dragonja Valley - Difficult cycling routes

Cycling route Koper – Izola – Gazon – Pomjan -Dragonja Valley

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50.3 km


4:16 h


900 m



A challenging cycling route Koper-Izola-Gažon-Pomjan-Dragonje Valley, following the ups and downs of the Istrian hinterland villages of Gažon, Šmarje, Pomjan, Sv. Peter Nova Vas. The trail mostly follows local roads and macadam along the valley of the Dragonja River. The trip is suitable for well-prepared cyclists due to the high altitude difference and the length of the route. You can go by mountain-bike or trekking bike. A road bike is not recommended due to the gravel path.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Koper-Izola-Gazon-Pomjan-Dragonja Valley - Difficult cycling routes

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The start of the cycling tour is in Koper from the Bonifika Parking. You can also start your journey from a number of other car parks in Koper. From the car park, take the path along the football stadium and then turn left along the cycle path immediately after it. Go straight ahead for 1 km past the Bonifika sports hall to the roundabout by the market.

Cross the roundabout at the pedestrian crossing and cross the pedestrian crossing again in the direction of Žusterna or to your left. Follow the cycle path past the new park and recreation areas to the roundabout. Turn right here and drive along the Žusterna seafront,

After Žusterna, the former Koper-Izola Coastal Road, now a cycling and pedestrian zone, starts, taking you to Izola. Here you can admire the sea, the view of Izola and Koper and, in good weather, Italy and the Alps.

After 7 km, you will reach the spot where the Rex cruiser was sunk in II World war. The point is marked on a rock. On the other side of the road you will see some pictures on the wall and read about the history of this event.

From here, continue along the cycle road to the campsite in Izola. At the roundabout by the campsite, turn left and follow the main road to the roundabout where you will turn right past the industrial zone. After the Atlantic Group or Droga Kolinska (tea, cofee and spices production), turn left at the junction and continue past the roundabout and overpass 6 km uphill on the road to Šared.

After a 30-minute drive, you will reach the Barede turn-off on the left, where you will continue your journey.

Then a 3 km climb towards Baredy. On your left, you'll be encouraged to keep looking at the beautiful view of Izola, the sea, Italy and the Alps.

You will reach a flat area where you will be able to get air. From Baredy, there is a gentle climb to vineyards with a beautiful view. Following a narrow winding road between olive groves, you will reach a football pitch and a descent that will lead you to the village of Gažon.

Go straight ahead along the road past the cemetery and then down to the roundabout where you cross the main road. Drive straight ahead past the Trije Lovci Inn up the hill towards the centre of Šmarje village. Follow the flat road until you reach the climb again a few 200m further on from the football field.

You will then climb past the chapel to the centre of the village, where you will see the cooperative house. From here, follow the path straight ahead to the crossroads, where you turn left uphill towards Pomjan. Be prepared for a short 20% uphill after 300 m of driving.

There is a gentle uphill winding drive along the slopes of Poljane to a slight downhill and uphill climb to the centre of Pomjan. At the church, turn left past the cemetery. You will come to an area where you will keep to your left. You will suddenly see a breathtaking view of the Slovenian sea and Koper.

From here you will go down a narrow steep road to the hamlet of Rojci and then to a crossroads where you will turn right and after 20 mt turn right and descend to the first turn off to the right. After a good kilometre you will come to a macadam road that will lead you straight along the valley to "Škrline", where you will continue your route straight along the valley of the river Dragonja.

The river will be out of your view most of the time. You will drive past fields, vineyards and abandoned farmland. After a 30-minute drive, you will reach the village of Dragonja, bordering Croatia. At the first crossroads you will continue uphill to the right towards St. Peter village.

It's a steady climb up a winding road along olive groves to the village of Sv. Peter, where you can catch your breath. You will then descend and climb gently to Nová vas, where you will continue your excursion along the local road along fields, olive groves and vineyards to the crossroads in Puče "Pri Mlinu" where was a former Mill. Here you will turn left onto a long flat road with gentle curves to Šmarje. You will mostly drive along a road surrounded by woods on one side and beautiful views on the other.

When you see the Šmarje sign, continue to the first turning on the right for Grinjan. To make sure you are on the right road, keep in mind to turn right before the old stone house with red shutters.

There will then be a 20% downhill along the Grinjan village. At the end, you will be greeted by a winding road that will take you past Bošamarin to Šalara, an area of Koper with terraced houses that were built with the intention of bringing in labour from elsewhere. This was the time when Luka Koper and Tomos, the former engine factory, started to develop

At the roundabout in Šalara by the shop, take the second exit onto the local road and keep going straight until you see a traffic light. Here, follow the cycle path on the right to the roundabout by Vino Koper and the gravel parking area by the cemetery.

Cross the pedestrian crossing here and, at the pub on your right, go down to the underpass that will take you to the bus station car park. From here, go straight ahead to the Planet Koper shopping centre, on your right.

Once you cross the centre, cross the roundabout and turn right on the pavement where after 100 m you will cross the roundabouts again and you will see your starting point, the Bonifika car park.

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