Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Izola-Korte-Lucija-Malija - Difficult cycling routes

Cycling route Izola – Korte – Lucija – Malija

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27.6 km


2:07 h


590 m



The challenging Izola-Korte-Lucija and Mali cycle route. Followed by a cycle along the former narrow-gauge railway road along St. Bartholomew Channell to Lucija. The tour is suitable for fit cyclists due to the moderate climb at the beginning and the steep climb at the end. You can go by mountain-bike, trekking or road bike.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Izola-Korte-Lucija-Malija - Difficult cycling routes

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he start of the Izola-Piran-Tunnel Parenzana cycle tour is in Izola from the Ladjedelnica car park. You can find several parking lots in Izola. From the car park, turn right towards the centre of Izola. Drive 500 m to the roundabout by the post office and the bank. There take exit 4 into the alley and continue straight on for 500 m along the main road. Then, in front of the Moby Dick restaurant and pizzeria, turn left and continue along Leninova Street to the main road, passing houses and blocks of flats. To make it easier for you to follow the cycle route, click on the larger map button below. The Komoot app will open where you can see an interactive map and additional information. The cycling route Izola-Korte-Lucija and Malija can become even more interesting with your help. If you are logged in to the app, you can add your pictures and comments. The gpx file allows you to download the route on your navigation device. You must have WIFI or mobile data turned on.

The start of the cycling tour is in Izola. In Izola you can find several parking lots, we suggest to go to the Ladjedelnica "Shipyard" parking. From the car park, turn left and drive 300 m to the junction by the Autocamp. There, turn right up a slight incline and then follow the industrial zone for 500 m in the direction of Portoroz. At the next crossroads turn left and then straight ahead at the roundabout towards Šared.

After the overpass of the Isola bypass, you will continue 4 km on a slight uphill on a winding road to Šared. Continue on a very gentle uphill to a crossroads leading to Cetore and Malija on one side. From here the road descends downhill.

After a descent of about 1 km, you will reach a gentle flat part, followed by a short uphill to the village of Morgani, where you will have a view of the salt pans and the sea to your left. From here, continue along the flat stretch to the crossroads by the Torkla tavern in Korte.

At the crossroads, turn right uphill and then left after 100 m to reach Parecago. Here, be careful to turn left at the hotbeds on your right down towards Sečovlje. You will go straight down until you see the main road. From here, follow the road straight ahead up a slight hill to the left, between the houses and down into the valley by the fields, to a slight rise which will bring you to a crossroads by the primary school in Sečovlje.

Here you continue to the right, past the new buildings, uphill to a square of sorts. Keep going straight on until you see a cycle crossing on your left under a bridge. You will come to a large gravel parking area. The ruins on your left are the remains of a former lignite mine.

After the car park, you will see a cycle road on your left by the chapel, which will take you along the salt pans to Seče. The road was built on the former railway line connecting Trieste and Poreč. You will arrive after a 10-minute ride at the former industrial complex of Droga Portoroz (they produced coffe, tea and spices) on your left. At the crossroads turn left.

Along the 4 km long road you will meet many cyclists and walkers on your trip, as this area has plenty of sunshine in all seasons and is sheltered from the winds.

From here, drive on past "Škver", a shipyard where wooden boats are made, to the car park of the Ribič restaurant. You will turn onto a cycle road, past the local beach and recreational areas, leading to campsite in Lucija. Here you can enjoy views of the sea, Portoroz, Piran and neighbouring Croatia.

At the campsite, drive for 3 km to the main entrance of the campsite. At the crossroads, turn right past the shopping centre to the junction by the residential blocks. Here you turn left onto the pavement by the park, where you also cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. Continue along the residential blocks on the right and cross the roundabout to the cycle path, which will take you to the next crossroads by the tennis courts in Lucija (you will see a white balloon most of the year).

Turn right here and then after 100 m turn right uphill towards Malia. Caution. Be prepared and shift into your lowest gear. The 1 km uphill is very sharp with two sharp, obscure bends. Lying cops make it even harder to stay alert. There is a moderate climb to the village of Malija, where you will follow a road between houses. You will continue along a rough road to a crossroads.

Here you will turn right and descend towards Šared. From Šared, there will be a winding descent down to Izola, past the industrial area and back to the Ladjedelnica car park .

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