Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Izola-Strunjan salt pans - Medium cycling routes

Cycling route – Portoroz – Izola – Strunjan salt pans

Cycling trip guide


20.20 km


1:30 h


320 m



Kolesarski izlet do tunela ozkotirne železnice Parenzana, Izole, mimo krajinskega parka in v Strunjanske soline. Pot vije v večini po lokalni cesti in nekaj po pločniku. Primeren za vse ravni telesne pripravljenosti. Vozili se boste le po asfaltnih površinah. Na pot se lahko odpravite z mountain-bike, treking ali cestnim kolesom.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Izola-Strunjan salt pans - Medium cycling routes

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The start of the cycling tour is in Portorož, from the Marina car park. From the car park, turn left past the health centre to the roundabout. Take the third exit towards Portorož. Go to the first roundabout where you turn right and then left between the blocks in front of the overpass up a steep short hill.

You will be on the Senčna pot Street, which leads you to the tunnel of the Parenzana narrow-gauge railway that connected Trieste and Poreč. Along the way, you will have a very nice view of Portoroz and the bay in some parts.

Before you reach the tunnel, you have to go down a slight incline and immediately turn right. You will see the entrance to the Tunnel. Drive carefully through the tunnel as it is not well lit. In the summer months, it will keep you cool.

After a few minutes' drive through the tunnel, go 1 km down the road to the crossroads in front of the Strunjan campsite. Turn right here and after 200 m, at the end of a slight incline, turn left towards the main road and the roundabout in Strunjan. Before the roundabout, turn right on the local road and continue for 1 km until the next crossroads.

You have now arrived at the crossroads and choose the narrow curved asphalt road. We suggest you take care, as a cyclist or tractor could come at you from the other side quite quickly. Continue along the narrow road to the hunting observation post at the bend by the peach orchard. Continue along the winding road through the valley and up to the local road where you turn right uphill.

After 500 m of quite a steep uphill, turn right onto the cycle road, which will take you through the valley and up a slight incline to Šalet, another tunnel of the narrow-gauge railway. Enter the tunnel and head straight down to Izola.

Prispeli ste do križišča, kjer vi nadaljujete naravnost do ceste med vinogradi. Tam prečkajte glavno cesto v predelu Izole, Livade naravnost po cesti naprej proti centru Izole.

Drive straight ahead until you reach Dante's Street, where you turn right along the main road through the alley to the roundabout by the bank and post office, where you take the third exit onto the Izola promenade.

You will continue along a road lined with cafés and restaurants, past a mandrake, towards a lighthouse. After 200 m you arrive at the town beach, with a beautiful view, where you will see the Izola Lighthouse on the edge of the beach. From here, continue along the beach. If you look into the distance you will see Trieste ahead and Koper to your right.

You will come to the main road, where you turn right uphill, passing the Dva Topola house on your right. At the top of the hill at the junction, go straight ahead and after 20 m immediately left along Kosovelova Street through the town to the Square, where there is an interesting park. From here, continue for 500 m to the main road, where you will continue your journey on your right.

You have reached the roundabout by the post office and the bank again, where you take the second exit past the alley and continue along Tomažičeva Street, where you will see on your right the tall chimney of the former Arrigoni fish-processing factory.

After 2 km you will reach the double crossroads in San Simon. First turn left and then immediately right on the main road uphill towards Strunjan.After a 1 km climb you will reach Belveder. On your right, there is a side path with benches where you can rest and enjoy the view of Izola and the sea.

From here, drive straight towards Camping Belveder. Be careful not to turn left on the main road, as you will miss it. Once you have reached the campsite and the tourist village, continue along the narrow road until you reach the former farmstead on the left, and you will go downhill towards Strunjan. Here you will again have a wonderful view of Strunjan and Piran.

Before you reach the crossroads in Strunjan, where you will turn left again onto the main road, be careful because the slope is very steep downhill.

Drive for another 200 m and you will come to a roundabout, which you will cross. After 100 m you will turn right again and after 100 m you will turn left again uphill. You will arrive at a road that will lead you through the narrow-gauge railway tunnel back along the same route to the main road, where you will turn right to your starting point and left at the roundabout to your starting point, the car park at the Marina in Portoroz.

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