Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Koper-Škocjanski zatok nature reserve-St. Anton-Marezige-Vanganel lake - Medium cycling routes

Cycling route Koper – Škocjanski zatok nature reserve – St. Anton – Marezige – Vanganel lake

Cycling trip guide


26.0 km


2:04 h


320 m



A longer cycling trip past Škocjanski zatok nature reserve, Bertoki, vineyards, fields, the river Rižana and to nearby villages with beautiful views. The ride continues between olive groves and vineyards. Then descend from Marezige, the village with the most beautiful sea view in the area, and drive along Lake Vanganel Lake to Koper. The trip is suitable for more prepared cyclists. You will ride on asphalt surfaces and slight longer climbs. You can go by mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike..

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Koper-Škocjanski zatok nature reserve-St. Anton-Marezige-Vanganel lake - Medium cycling routes

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The start of the cycle tour is in Koper. Immediately at the roundabout with the fountain, go past the Planet Koper shopping centre and immediately at the roundabout turn right towards the bus station to the car park. There you will see a special parking area for camper vans where you turn onto the cycle road.

After 200 m, you will see the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve on your left. Go straight along the bay on the cycle path to the main road. Here turn right onto the overpass and straight ahead to the roundabout. At the roundabout take the second exit

You will pass the industrial zone in Bertoki on your left and follow the main road. After the avenue, be careful to turn right onto a side road. This is the only road to the right along the avenue.

Continue along the local road for 2 km, passing vineyards and fields, until you reach a small bridge where you cross the River Rižana. The source of the river is the main water source for the entire households of the coastal municipalities.

Continue for another 200 m and take a sharp right before the railway line. From here, you will drive again along the fields and khaki groves for 1 km to Mihati, which has a few houses. Drive straight along the straight local road to the crossroads at another hamlet, Brtuči. At the crossroads turn right uphill.

The uphill section ends when you are riding along the built-up area after 3 km. You will reach a crossroads where you will turn left along the main road past the village of Pobegi. On the main road you will drive continuously on a slight incline past the hamlets of Čežarji, Gregoriči, Turki to the village of St. Anton.

After the church in St. Anton, continue on the road and then take the road to the right, which will lead you over rough terrain to the crossroads for Kavaliče. The road will give you a beautiful view of Koper and, on the other side, the vineyards and the village of Boršt.

From the Kavaliči crossroads, go straight ahead for 3 km along the road, which climbs gently past olive groves and vineyards to Marezige. Here you can take a short break and visit the wine fountain or step into the park with the best views in the area of Koper and Trieste.

Now it's a 3 km descent down the main road past Babiči to Lake in Vanganel. We suggest you drive carefully and moderately. On the downhill you can get up to unpromising speed quickly.

After 2 km of driving, pay attention and keep to your right, otherwise you will miss Lake Vanganel. Here you can stop for a moment and gaze into the lake. There is no circular route here. Basically, the lake was created to catch water for agriculture.

From here, continue along the main road past Vanganel and the many roundabouts straight to Šalara, an area of Koper with terraced houses built to bring in labour from elsewhere. This was the time when Luka Koper the port and Tomos, the former engine factory, started to develop.

At the roundabout in Šalara by the shop, take the second exit onto the local road and keep going straight until you see a traffic light. Here, follow the cycle path on the right to the roundabout by Vino Koper and the gravel parking area by the cemetery.

Cross the pedestrian crossing here and, at the pub on your right, go down to the underpass that will take you to the bus station car park. From here, go straight ahead to the Planet Koper shopping centre, on your right.

Once you cross the centre, cross the roundabout and turn right on the pavement where after 100 m you will cross the roundabouts again and you will see your starting point, the Bonifika car park.

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