Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Seca-St. Bartholomew Channel - Easy cycling routes

Cycling route Portoroz – Seca – St. Bartholomew Channell

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7.00 km


0:28 h


60 m



Portoroz-Seca-St. Bartholomew Channel, easy cycling route with views of the countryside, salt pans, Jerne Canal with berths and Portoroz Bay. The trip is suitable for all fitness levels, especially for families with children. You will mostly drive on a local road, which is not busy with traffic.

You can go by mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Seca-St. Bartholomew Channel - Easy cycling routes

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The start of the cycling trip is from Portorož. There are several car parks, we suggest you start from the Marina Portoroz car park. From the car park, turn left to the new health centre.

At the roundabout, take the first exit on the right and drive straight ahead for 300 metres to a large roundabout by the blocks connecting to the main road. There we suggest you cross the main road at the pedestrian crossing. From here, drive 1 km straight ahead to the crossroads next to the tennis courts in Lucija.

At the crossroads, turn right onto the main road and immediately after 50 m, turn right at the far right onto the local road, where you will go straight past fields to a crossroads with a cypress tree in the middle. Here you will turn right and after 100 m turn left. Over the road you will hear the rumble of cars from the main road.

After about 100 m you will turn uphill to the right and immediately to the left. Follow the road on the right as it goes uphill to the restaurant on the left. Cross the main road again at the pedestrian crossing. The easy cycle path from Portoroz continues to the right downhill on the cobbled road.

At the end of the road, at the crossroads, turn right past the former Droga Portoroz industrial complex (they produced cofee, tea and spices). You'll find yourself on a local road along the St. Bartholomew Channel, which is given a special character by the vessels moored on wooden piers.

Along the 4 km long road you will meet many cyclists and walkers on your trip, as this area has plenty of sunshine in all seasons and is sheltered from the winds.

After 4 km you will first see "Škver", a shipyard where wooden vessels are made. Then you will see a small mandrake, home to the Fonda fish farm. 100 m further on you will see the macadam car park of the Ribič restaurant.

You will take the cycle road, past the local beach and recreation areas to the parking area of the Ribič Inn. Here you can enjoy views of the sea, Portoroz, Piran and neighbouring Croatia.

You can ride safely through the campsite, as bicycles are allowed. At the campsite, you will ride a good 2 km to the main entrance. In your case, the exit.

At the car park, turn left from the campsite and cross the main road at the pedestrian crossing. Follow the pavement past the park to the health centre in Lucija to your starting point, the Marina car park.

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