Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Piran - Easy cycling routes

Cycling route Portoroz – Piran

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11.3 km


0:46 h


100 m



A short, easy cycling route Portoroz - Piran along the coastal road with a view of the sea. The route winds along the road from Portoroz to Piran. You will cycle partly on the cycle road, partly on the main road and partly on the pavement. The road is slightly busier with cars in Portorož. We suggest that you use the pavements where there is no cycle road. You can go by mountain-bike, trekking bike. A road bike will make it difficult to get on and off the pavement.

Slo Istra Bike - Cycling route Portoroz-Piran - Easy cycling routes

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To make it easier for you to follow the cycle route, click on the larger map button below. The Komoot app will open where you can see an interactive map and additional information. The Portoroz-Piran cycle route along the coastal road can become even more interesting with your help. If you are logged in to the app, you can add your pictures and comments. The gpx file allows you to download the route on your navigation device. You must have WIFI or mobile data turned on.

The start of the Portoroz-Piran cycling tour along the coastal road is from the Portoroz car park. We suggest to start from the Marina Portoroz car park. From the car park, turn left to the new health centre.

At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Piran and drive onto the pavement. From here, drive 1 km straight along the pavement to the tennis stadium. The cycle path will then take you along the coastal road in Portoroz to the Kempinski Hotel.

On your left you will see Portoroz beach, cafés and restaurants. On your right, mostly hotels. Keep driving along the pavement to the salt warehouses. At the warehouses, turn far left to the sea and from here continue straight along the warehouses, then at the bus stop along the cycle road to St.Bernardin hotel resort.

During the drive, you will pass the new sailing centre on the right, right next to the sea, and straight to the barrier at the St.Bernardin shopping street.

You can ride your bicycle through the street on the marked cycle path under the Histrion Hotel, past the beach of the Grand Hotel Bernardin to the Fornače car park in front of Piran. At Fornače you will see a modern building on your right where the Marine Biological Institute is located. From here, drive straight along the car park until you reach the gates that restrict vehicles from entering. If you would like to experience the sea as close as possible, walk along the shore.

From here, follow the pavement past the bus station and the mandrake to Tartini Square. In the square, we recommend you take in the sights such as Tartini's House, the Venetian house, the Town Hall, and gaze up to the heights where the town's cathedral stands.

From here, follow the road by the town harbour "Mandrač" towards Piran Punta, past the theatre and Hotel Piran to the promenade with cafés and restaurants. At Piran Punta you will immediately see the beautiful Piran Lighthouse. A short, easy cycling trip with a view of the sea, Portoroz Bay and Piran is halfway done..

We suggest you rest here and prepare for the return journey. After resting, you will take the same route back to your starting point, the car park in Portoroz.

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